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Springtime Cleaning Time...

All the snow and ice has melted away to reveal the dirt and grim and garbage left behind from winter’s cold grip… Now is the time to book your spring cleaning, and start the season with a great looking entrance, walkway or patio. GMSI cleaning services can do a “clean sweep”, remove the garbage and then power wash with hot water to leave a fresh clean surface for your patrons to enjoy.

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Who... Background

GMSI Cleaning Services (formally Unique Building Services / Gumbusters) are your power washing, gum removal, and clean up experts. We specialize in gum removal from store fronts and public areas, and power washing drive-thru, restaurants/patios, and garbage compactors for commercial clients in a wide variety of sectors throughout Southern Ontario. At GMSI Cleaning Services, we pride ourselves on our dedication to all aspects of customer satisfaction.

What... Gum Removal

The chewing gum industry has experienced tremendous growth. Currently, North Americans alone spend over 4 billion dollars annually on gum products. This equates to approximately 50 million sticks of gum consumed per day! Wrigley's, the largest of seven major gum manufacturers in the United States, announced that their sales increased over 9% last quarter. It seems that gum is here to stay. The improper disposal of this product has caused, and will continue to cause a need for GMSI Cleaning Services.

The challenge of removing gum from concrete, interlocking, marble, tile and brick is a growing concern for many businesses and the GMSI gum removal system is the best and most cost effective way. GMSI Cleaning Services uses heated, high pressure water to remove gum residue. Call today for a cost estimate.


Where... Everywhere

From Airports to Zoos, GMSI Cleaning Services is eliminating gum pollution and cleaning like nothing you have ever seen before! Anywhere the general public gathers in large numbers requires the use of GMSI Cleaning services for gum removal, and any where you find dirt and grime, GMSI can powerwash it.

Commercial Residential Government
Concert Halls Siding Museums and Monuments
Hospitals Fence libraries
Restaurants / Night Clubs Drive Ways Airports
Retail Businesses Decks Schools and Universities
Shopping Centres and Malls Garage Floors Government Buildings
Amusement Parks / Zoos Swimming Pools Train, Bus, Subway Stations
Sports Arenas Gutter / Eave Trough Parks
Supermarkets Windows Docks / Pier
Gas Stations Walk Ways Streets

How... Power Washing

Not just any power washing will remove the unwanted residue left from improperly disposed of gum. GMSI Cleaning Services' secret lies in the combination of heat and water pressure. Water is first heated, using a specially designed blower furnace, and then is disbursed through a hose attached to a wand under very high pressure, normally ranging from 1200 to 3500 PSI, depending on the type of surface being cleaned. The custom designed GMSI van has all the equipment needed, including a water reservoir, for those areas where water is unavailable.

Company Background

With over 20 years in customer service, Guy McCloskey understands the importance of meeting deadlines, and doing the job right, the first time.